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I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Kelli for many years. She is a beloved mother, grandmother and friend. She has dedicated her life to raising Labrador retrievers, often putting these loving dogs, her family and friends before herself.

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Loved OneGary RickeNew York

After being diagnosed, Savanah broke out of her shell and did news interviews to bring awareness to metastatic breast cancer and started a blog. (This was a huge step for her).

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Loved OneGary RickeTexas

My beautiful daughter, Sandy Sheppard. She got her wings un August 2015. Since then, progress has been made towards more effective treatment and more support for survivors and caregivers. 

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Loved OneGary RickeGeorgia

It’s About Time we include people with metastatic cancer in our support networks for everyday living. People with metastatic breast cancer are living. We can’t write them off. We need to make sure they have the complete support resources they need for living everyday to the fullest, for the good days and the bad days.

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On July 24th, I heard  the words “metastatic breast cancer” for the first time in my life. I was at the doctor with my mother Gale when she was officially diagnosed. We all cried & finally said okay… so what are our next steps to beat this? The response we received was “you can’t.” What!? How? Why? I personally refuse to believe this! Maybe there isn’t a cure today, but who’s to say there won’t be one tomorrow?!

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