"Savanah is taking control even though life seems so crazy."

On May 1, 2018, Savanah received the devastating news that she had breast cancer, at the early age of 24. She chose to have a bilateral mastectomy after being told it would help reduce her chances of reoccurrence. Little did she know, after getting a second opinion and the proper scans, she would be diagnosed with Metastatic Breast Cancer also known as Stage IV. No one in our immediate family has breast cancer and she doesn’t carry any of the 9 genes that were tested. So how does this happen? That’s something we may never know but there is one thing we all know...this journey is the toughest Savanah will probably ever have to go through but she’s going to go through it smiling.

After being diagnosed, Savanah broke out of her shell and did news interviews to bring awareness to metastatic breast cancer and started a blog. (This was a huge step for her).

Savanah decided to start a part-time job even though she is doing treatments every week. Recently we have learned treatments will be lifelong.

Savanah is taking control even though life seems so crazy. Cancer isn’t going to be her life and Savanah started compiling everything she needs in order to go back to school and to get her Masters degree.

We decided to get her treatments at one of the best cancer centers, even though that means driving 3.5 hours every week.

Savanah stays strong and chooses to live life and is grateful for every day.

After Savanah was diagnosed, we started researching and educating ourselves. We have come to find out MBC needs more research and more funding. A lot of people don’t have much knowledge of it and unaware that many organizations fund little to none towards MBC.

We hope to bring awareness.

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