"Yes, we need more awareness, and hope :)”

I'm kind of a different metastatic case. I've been off chemo for over a year! I had breast cancer, then they found breast cancer cells in my liver. I went back on chemo for 18 months. I took a break to feel better, and my oncologist has kept me off of chemo.

CTS and PET scans only show tiny cancer scars(?) - yay! God healed me!!! Or, I'm part of the two or three percent of metastatic that stay without cancer. I was laid off of work before my met diagnosis. I'm grateful for disability, and now I'm looking for a job again. Those are the key points. Oh, yes, and the challenge of people asking how long I would have chemo - "pretty much for the rest of my life" - but that wasn't true! Yes, we need more awareness, and hope :)

Blessings to all. Photo is my mom and I.