"I hang in there and take each day at a time."

2019 Story

I had a ruptured Appendix and laid in bed on a cruise ship in pain for 5 nights. I got off the ship and went into the ER and was diagnosed with an Appendicitis. I had surgery and was ready to go home when the surgeon told me the thing they thought was an abscess was a Signet Ring Adenocarcinoma.

I had a bowel resection the next day and they found metastases to one lymph node out of 33, so they started me on 12 doses of chemo which has been so very hard on me. My husband and I will be married 50 years this December, but for two weeks I was very mean to him and wanted him to move in with his widowed sister because I knew the stress of taking care of me was killing him. Well, we talked and I explained how I’m so sorry for all that and we believe we will get through this together. So I hang in there and take each day at a time. God bless.