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"I want to reach other cancer patients to assure them help is here."

I was diagnosed with gynecological cancer in June of 2012. I sailed through a robotic hysterectomy and radiation even forgetting I was a cancer patient. In 2014, I had Mets to my omentum and I started chemo. Over the next four years received 37 rounds of chemo. I did great with just minor discomfort with chemo. I treated it like it was my job.

My husband and family are very supportive. I am retired and continued my busy life of seeing my horse, riding the trails, traveling, and involvement with my 12 grandkids. My time is very important and I thank God every day I’m doing well.

I want to reach other cancer patients to assure them help is here. My oncologist and team of doctors are keeping me here. Be strong and fight. There is research going on every minute to develop a cure or control of cancer. I’d like to see more awareness of gynecological cancer mentioned on TV and other advertising. Also the fact that many of us are surviving and leading normal lives with cancer treatment. Be aware of clinical trials and the cooperation of patients which help develop survivors. Don’t be afraid to share your my parent’s day the “C” word wasn’t discussed. Now more funding is raised with awareness. Thankfully there is support and education offered at Gilda’s Club, the Cancer Society, and more. We are strong and surviving with cancer!

MetathriverGary RickeIllinois