"I’m doing my best to stay active and stay positive."

2019 Story

My cancer diagnosis came in June of 2016. My diagnosis was uterine serous cancer, an aggressive uterine cancer. I had a hysterectomy in June. My treatment plan involved 3 rounds of chemo, involving Carboplatin and Taxol. After my first chemo treatment I required colon surgery due to a tear in my intestines. My 2nd chemo went well but the issue with my colon happened again. The surgeon was unable to find the hole so I received an ileostomy which I had for 6 months. During this time my oncologist said he would not do further chemo therapy treatments because of the risk.

Things were going well, I was getting healthy, gaining weight and feeling good. In March of 2018, I went to my oncologist for a scan. The scan showed enlarged lymph nodes in my abdomen and my CA125 went up to over 100. After a biopsy it was confirmed the cancer was in my lymph nodes.

My oncologist here in Springfield didn’t give me many treatment options. I contacted Siteman Cancer Center in St. Louis and scheduled an appointment there.

My oncologist there recommended a clinical trial there. I received weekly treatments with Taxol which I received for approximately 14 months. The treatments went very well with very few side effects.

After my last CT scan in May, my oncologist felt there was some progression of my cancer and recommended a change in my treatment.

My new treatment plan involves Carboplatin chemo therapy once every 3 weeks. I have had one infusion so far and the side effects were minimal. I did have significant episode of exhaustion the week after my treatment.

I’m doing my best to stay active and stay positive. Each scan brings on stressful periods until we get the results. For the most part I’m doing well. I’m certainly grateful for each day that I wake up feeling good!