"I have too many more miles on these tires to just let them go flat.”

I went in for my very first mammogram in July after turning 40 this past January. From there, I was told I had to have more pics and an US done, and, from there, I was sent to have a biopsy, which ended up being taken out of three areas and not just one as I had been told at first.

Two days after my biopsy on August 13, I received the call that all three areas were positive for Invasive lobular carcinoma. Then a PET scan was done, and I was informed that not only had it invaded my lymph nodes, but there were several suspicious areas in my spine, hip, clavicle, and sternum. So, from there, I had a bone biopsy, which came back positive for metastatic disease. I started on Ibrance and Letrozole and just finished my first round of the Ibrance yesterday.

Now, I am on my week off and will start up again next Thursday. I also get an Xgeva injection once a month. So far, I am having some hair thinning and fatigue. I had long hair, but I cut it shorter so it wouldn’t be so saddening when my hair started to thin. I have had my good days and not-so-good days. I’m dealing with all of this. I have six beautiful children and a husband who I need to live for, so I am mostly doing the treatments for their sake. I hate taking pills and the fact that my future with all of this is unknown. However, I put on a smile and try to stay as positive as I can. I have too many more miles on these tires to just let them go flat.