"21 months NEAD...priceless"

I was originally diagnosed early stage in 2013 when my daughter was 3...had lumpectomy and 33 rounds of radiation. 3 years on tamoxifen and in 2016 I was diagnosed with Stage IV, ER+ her- Mets to plural lining of lung and scapula. It was been 2 years since I was diagnosed stage IV. My reality since stage IV...
24 months
730 days
51 (current age)
189 claims paid
1 hospital stay for 6 days (5 in ICU)
62 visits to the oncologist
90 blood draws on the same arm
27 shots of zoladex to my stomach (1 every 28 days)
22 fills (462 pills) of Ibrance (@ over $11,000 a fill)
730 pills of letrozol
2 Birthdays since diagnosis
3 Disney Cruises
1 trip to Alaska
1000000’s of memories made with family, framily and friends.
21 months NEAD...priceless

MetathriverGary RickeFlorida