Jacqueline "Sandy" Sheppard (by Valerie Smith, mother)


"My daughter passed away a little over 24 months after her diagnosis."



Written in honor of Jacqueline “Sandy” Sheppard, who passed away from MBC in August 2015 at age 29. Sandy was diagnosed with breast cancer in July 2013 and MBC in October 2014.

It’s about time for all to realize that approximately 20-30% of all breast cancer cases will become metastatic, for which there is no cure.

My daughter passed away a little over 24 months after her diagnosis. From the beginning until the last few months, I believed she would live to see her babies grow up (Trey, 10 & Autumn, 3) if she followed the recommended source of treatment; Mastectomy, chemo, radiation, chemo (for life). Frankly, I was wrong. She didn’t have a chance. As she shared her story via Facebook, all were inspired by her faith and belief that she would be healed. Although she has passed away, her family still views the outcome as a victory because their faith tells them that Sandy is in heaven.

As a mom, my journey includes awareness, early detection, prevention, and research to effectively stabilize the cancer once diagnosed with MBC.

Sandy was an eye donor and was honored by RTI Donor Services on May 1, 2016 in St. Augustine, FL.

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