"I will continue to help with this fight!"

My beautiful sister, Diane Connolly-Zaniboni was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1998.

She had a lumpectomy with chemo & radiation to follow. About a year later, she was diagnosed with metastatic inflammatory breast cancer. She went through many trials of chemo, not only because she wanted to live so badly for her young daughter, Mia, but she wanted to help other people.

She had the vision and was the inspiration behind the Cure Breast Cancer license plate in Massachusetts. With the help of a survivor, Deb McNeil, myself (Janice Connolly-Laubenstein), our families & friends, the license plate was on the road in 2006, six years after Diane’s passing.

The license plate has generated over 1 million dollars so far. It is the perfect way to raise awareness & fund research. I will continue to help with this fight! Not only because of her but for her daughter Mia (now 25), but for families, friends, & even strangers who are all connected because of this disease.

Gary RickeMassachusetts