"I intend to be here for a while, but the climb is uphill."

My first cancer diagnosis happened in December 1996. Chemo and radiation beat it down for 17 years, but a bout with Thyroid Cancer awoke the sleeping monster in 2013. We beat the stage II recurrence back with more Taxane related chemos, beat it back again for a few months, but unfortunately, it began to creep through my skin and into places it didn’t belong. As of October 2016, I am stage IV with progression across my skin, into my bones, & possibly my liver.

Enough with the awareness campaigns! We survivors need much more money and research on Stage IV! We need early trials conducted with actual Stage IV cancer cells! We need folks to know that Stage IV anything is the only cancer that kills. I personally need a researcher that wants to explore the link between thyroid cancer (or replacement meds) and breast cancer. I intend to be here for a while, but the climb is uphill.