"All I pray for is comfort for all of us.”

My story began four months after my hysto in my left axillary.

Nov. 2015: Right side axillary has two.

Feb. 2016: Right breast has large cystic issues.

Sept 2016: I was put on Estradoil 2mg. Due to surgical menopause, I was without estrogen 8 whole months before realizing that I was in menopause and in middle of two thyroid diseases.

Oct 2016: My thyroid had a steady 12 nodules for 8 years. in 2016, it jumped to 17+ nodules and my thyroid was 2 pounds!! I was very very ill 247. Axillaries and breast checked four 16-months straight with no changes. I had and felt pain constantly, BUT everyone kept saying it’s NOT breast cancer.

April 2018: Both sides of my jawbone and throat, down into neck, are filled with swollen lymph nodes. Same exact day, both sides of my groin area HAVE swollen lymph nodes. Same exact pain!!

It’s been confirmed October 30 that I do have swollen lymph nodes: six sets plus my right breast.

I was transferred to UCC in Chicago on November 13, 2018, and have seen ENT so far. My next appointment will be the December 1 for the gyno team. This is ridiculous and never-ending. All I pray for is comfort for all of us. ♡♡