"I pray for a cure for all cancers not just mine."

2019 Story

I was diagnosed with stage 2 triple negative breast cancer in September of 2017. I had a lumpectomy, 4 rounds chemo, and 21 sessions of radiation which I finished in March of 2018. In May of 2018 a lymph node was swelling and by June a spot on my skin had started growing. I had a biopsy and I was told it was breast cancer that had spread to my skin. To be on the safe side, my oncologist ordered a scan and the scan showed several nodes in my lungs.

By the beginning of August I once again started chemo and TECENTRIQ. Unfortunately, cancer continued to grow and moved to two small areas in my pelvic bone. New meds that my doctor had me on from November stabilized the cancer until I got my results on July 11th, 2019. The cancer has now moved to my liver. And a new spot grew in my lungs. Although both spots are relatively tiny I am still disappointed and worried. It's a horrible roller coaster to be in.

I start a pill form of chemo next week and because I'm experiencing pain in my back I'm getting a bone scan next week. To help myself and others I have a website unaenocho.com or 1 in 8. I never in my life ever thought that I would be living this. I don't wish this on anyone. I will grieve for myself a few days while everything sinks in again. And then I will continue living. For my birthday this year I am having a "celebration of life, come see me before I die party". Not that I am planning on dying soon but with cancer one never knows. And with life period. I pray for a cure for all cancers not just mine. Please share my website it has my story plus it is bilingual, Spanish and English. I want to bring awareness to the Hispanic community on breast cancer.