"My life is abbreviated, but I'm trying to make the time I have mean something."

I was diagnosed metastatic de novo at the age of 41.

I signed my first book deal in May and got diagnosed in July – at the same time I got my dream job 400 miles away. I was diagnosed with cancer of the breast, bones, liver, and brain. I did not know that breast cancer could still be incurable but boy, am I learning a lot about this now!!

My sister told me that I could either have stage  IV cancer at our parents’ house and never get out of bed, or I could have stage IV cancer in my new city and live my life. She had a good point! They held my job for me until I could finish four months of chemo so I moved (while I was completely bald) and got a new oncologist at an amazing cancer center.

I started my new job and amazingly, my treatment (hormonal treatment and a wonder drug called Ibrance) fits into my day to day life. My insurance at my job is incredible. After a year of treatment, I am stable. Six months ago, I did not think that I would live to see my book come out in 2019. Today? I feel like I’m going to see it on the shelves of bookstores and libraries. My life is abbreviated, but I’m trying to make the time I have mean something.