"Cancer has changed my life in many ways, on a daily basis."

I was diagnosed at Stage IV with metastatic spread to my lungs. My support was my husband, family and friends/community. My children at the time were 10 and 7… I was 39.

Cancer has changed my life in many ways, on a daily basis. Nutrition has been a journey for me and I currently eat a vegan diet. I meditate every day. I decrease my exposure to chemicals. I practice yoga on a regular basis.

In July of 2009 no cancer cells were detected on scans. I began treatment at diagnosis with Abraxine and Herceptin. I continued on Herceptin for three years in decreasing frequency. I had a bilateral mastectomy in 2009. I stopped treatment in 2011 and continue to be cancer-free.

In response to being diagnosed, I volunteered with two different organizations; at Network of Strength and Imerman’s Angels. I’m writing a book about my story to give hope to others after being encouraged by a 35 year old friend of mine who passed away from complications from the same disease. I have recently become a certified wellness coach and I want to bring that to the cancer community.

Herceptin became a reality with research and funding which has had a positive impact on my response to cancer.