"It's pretty much like running into a brick wall."

My story started in December 2015 when I was diagnosed with breast cancer.

So much was happening so fast. I kind of did appointments on my own, most of the time. In  January 2016, when they put my port in, they did two biopsies on my back vertebreas. I later got a call informing me I had stage 4 metastatic breast cancer. I cried by myself, like a big baby, for first time.

I really didn’t want to know what metastatic meant, so I didn’t really look it up. I was just trying to do everything in steps.

First, I had double chemo, which made me so sick – I hurt like I’ve never hurt before.
Then I had surgery and, a week later, another surgery to remove the rest of my left breast. They also removed lymph nodes, chemo actually destroyed one of them. They took out 19 lymph nodes and 11 had cancer.

I then started radiation, at which point I finally  got the courage to ask if I was in remission. That’s when they explained to me exactly what metastatic breast cancer is. It’s pretty much like running into a brick wall. So, yes we need your help for all of us living with MBC and all that have gone before us.

MetathriverGary RickeOhio