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My father's journey with prostate cancer started 15 years ago when he was diagnosed at age 54. Since that time, he was also diagnosed with colon cancer and 15 years later, has metastatic prostate cancer to the bones, lungs, liver, and now the bile duct.

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I was diagnosed metastatic at initial diagnosis. Never saw it coming. Had just had a mammogram 2 months before that never revealed the cancer. Since being diagnosed and starting treatment, which was a clinical trial that has since been approved by the FDA, I live in the moment.

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I will continue to help with this fight! Not only because of my sister, but for her daughter, and for families, friends, & even strangers who are all connected because of this disease.

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After my initial inclination to feel sorry for myself and give up any hope of being able to live long enough to do things many of us take for granted like dance at my daughter’s wedding, I decided that in order to help myself, I needed to help others.

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