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I had a ruptured Appendix and laid in bed on a cruise ship in pain for 5 nights. I got off the ship and went into the ER and was diagnosed with an Appendicitis. I had surgery and was ready to go home when the surgeon told me the thing they thought was an abscess was a Signet Ring Adenocarcinoma.

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I'm kind of a different metastatic case. I've been off chemo for over a year! I had breast cancer, then they found breast cancer cells in my liver. I went back on chemo for 18 months. I took a break to feel better, and my oncologist has kept me off of chemo. 

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I am a fortunate woman. My first breast cancer diagnosis came in 1996, on Christmas Eve. Chemo and radiation tamed the beast for 17 years, until I developed another cancer: my thyroid. It's thought that the thyroid supplements may have awakened the beast again. 

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I need to show my kids that I live by what I have taught them. We always told them no matter what, do your best. I have to be able to look my kids in the eye at the end of my life and say, “I gave it my best.”

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