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I was diagnosed metastatic de novo in 2017, and for the first year of my diagnosis, enjoyed relative stability. Despite the enormous challenges of finding a new rhythm with metastatic breast cancer, my disease was held at bay.

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I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Kelli for many years. She is a beloved mother, grandmother and friend. She has dedicated her life to raising Labrador retrievers, often putting these loving dogs, her family and friends before herself.

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“It’s cancer” are two words that nobody ever wants to hear once in their life. However, I have had the pleasure of sitting across from an Oncologist hearing those words said to me twice…before I even hit my mid 30’s.

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I was first diagnosed with BC in 2014. I had four rounds of chemo and 17 radiations. My 27/29 remained elevated but was declared no longer needing treatment other than Femara daily.

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It has been easy to feel like I am one big burden to society. I will never be “cured” and I will always be in treatment. Treating me is therefore very expensive. But, I am more than a burden; I'm also education.

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I was originally diagnosed in February of 2011 at age 40: stage 3b IDC, bilateral mastectomy. Chemo, radiation, two reconstructions. Ah, it was over. Then, I went for a check up in May and had to go for a biopsy. Yup, stage 4 metastatic breast cancer. My world crumbled.

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