"Although tomorrow isn't promised to anyone, metastatic breast cancer makes you actually realize that and remember it every second of every day."



On July 24th, I heard  the words “metastatic breast cancer” for the first time in my life. I was at the doctor with my mother Gale when she was officially diagnosed. We all cried & finally said okay… so what are our next steps to beat this? The response we received was “you can’t.” What!? How? Why? I personally refuse to believe this! Maybe there isn’t a cure today, but who’s to say there won’t be one tomorrow?!

My biggest concern is the lack of awareness & knowledge about metastatic breast cancer. Why is this something I have never heard of, yet it is killing tens of thousands of people each year!?

My dear mother has become a hero since the diagnosis. She put her cape on and received her radiation treatments like a boss! She takes her chemo meds like a champ… she has honestly not changed her hard working lifestyle one bit. I just sit back & stare in amazement.

As much as I hate this disease and what it does, I’ll actually say THANK YOU metastatic breast cancer! Thank you for letting me see my mother in this light. Thank you for bringing my family together to show our support and unity. Thank you for showing my mom how strong she really is.  Last but not least, thank you for potentially making my mother a part of history… she could (and WILL) be the first person to actually DEFEAT you! We fight hard and love harder.

Since my mother’s diagnosis, time is so very precious. A metastatic breast cancer diagnosis basically means you’re fighting to live. Although tomorrow isn’t promised to anyone, metastatic breast cancer makes you actually realize that and remember it every second of everyday. Right now life is all about making fantastic memories with family.

I want my story to reach EVERYONE. I don’t want anyone else to ever have to go to the doctor and hear “metastatic breast cancer” and not have a clue  about what it means. I want people to know that this form of cancer is a death sentence right now. We need more awareness… MUCH more awareness. There isn’t enough research being done right now and I believe awareness is a good first step to get the ball rolling.

(Thanks for letting me share! I’ve included a photo of my awesome superhero mom (Gale Sweda) with her grandchildren standing in front of the tree of hope.)