It’s About Time Campaign 2016 Urges Support for those Living With Metastatic Breast Cancer

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Study shows need for increased awareness, as well as advocacy for more research and better insurance coverage

September 26, 2016 – People living with metastatic breast cancer face enormous challenges: constant treatment, regular scans, hospital stays, financial concerns, and a whole host of emotions knowing they will not be cured from their disease. Time matters, in a very different way. Led by Gilda’s Club Chicagoorganizations across the country today renewed an initiative to educate people about the different and urgent needs of this community through the It’s About Time campaign.

An estimated quarter of a million women and men are living with the disease in the United States. Sadly, one of them will die every 13 minutes. Yet, metastatic breast cancer is still largely misunderstood and funding to support research is disproportionate to the disease overall. In fact, research focused on treatment or cures for those living with metastatic breast cancer made up only 7 percent of the $15-billion invested in breast cancer research from 2000 to 2013 by major governmental and nonprofit funders from North America and the United Kingdom.

A recent study from Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research of the metastatic breast cancer community found that 75 percent of all respondents believe that resources are disproportionately focused on screening and diagnosing breast cancer – not enough focused on research that would help metastatic breast cancer patients live longer with better quality, or be at the disease. Respondents to the survey, a majority either patients or caregivers, want more action from state legislators and Washington, D.C. on several policy priorities: improving funding for a cure, increasing funding for treatment, and improving insurance coverage. The study also found that this population,which relies on treatments and clinical trials for the rest of their lives, is very worried about access to those treatments and the ability to pay for them. In fact, 91 percent of respondents agree that there should be more pressure on insurance plans to more adequately cover treatment for metastatic breast cancer.

“Through our support of anyone living with cancer, we have learned that those living with metastatic breast cancer face a much different reality than those fighting early stage breast cancer,” said LauraJane Hyde, CEO, Gilda’s Club Chicago. “It is our hope that the It’s About Time campaign will spark a national conversation about the disease and generate needed action to support current patients and their caregivers – and drive toward a cure.”

It’s About Time encourages metastatic breast cancer patients, their families, caregivers and advocacy organizations to engage in a national conversation over the next six weeks about the disease and, most importantly, to create a platform for those battling metastatic breast cancer to share their stories. To join the conversation,participants are encouraged to use the hashtag #itsabouttimeMBC on Twitter or submit a story at

The campaign will host It’s About Time: Every Hour Matters on Thursday, October 13 – Metastatic Breast Cancer Awareness Day. The 13-hour Facebook event will share stories from women living with MBC and their families, as well as information from our partners across the country who are working to drive change that supports the metastatic breast cancer community. Messages will be posted at 13 minutes past the hour from 8:13 a.m. to 9:13 p.m. CDT.


Gary Ricke